Our services consist of providing our files either through "MIDI" or through "Digital Audio" with access to the full production just as found on the tutorials. It can be on the format .mid 0 or 1 or an MP3 file, with your choice of either music only, piano or the combination of the two, depending on your preference, keeping in mind that each student learns at their own pace.

In other words, we have provided you with all the necessary tools available to us so that you can become a great piano player, or better yet, a professional player in no time.

By offering the background music the idea is that you are the pianist accompanied by the appropriate instruments, that obviously are not played in the same way as they are when accompanying a singer. Such as the drums, bass etc.. which are played in a very particular way when accompanying a pianist.

In addition, for those students who want that extra one on one tutoring, despite our simple instructional methods, you can have that individual time with producer/instructor, "Omar Garcia" via Skype or on Google Hang Out.